My Own Journey

My Own Journey

My passion and interest in this area of health and well being stems from my own fertility journey. My experience has shown me both the power and subtlety of acupuncture, herbal medicine, mindfulness and good nutrition, as well as the times when Western Medicine can and needs to play a vital role.

During my fertility lifecycle so far I’ve been challenged with multiple fibroids, a shortened cervix, 2 c-sections, ovarian torsion and an ectopic pregnancy. It took me two years to conceive my first child and we were at the point of considering adoption when I finally became pregnant. I’ve gone on to naturally conceive two healthy, gorgeous kids that I carried to full term. I am currently trying to conceive a third in less than ideal circumstances (one ovary, one fallopian tube, lots of fibroids). But I have many tools at my disposal and I hope to share with you how I am getting on right here!

So I know what a challenging journey our menstrual cycle and our fertility can be. Western Medicine has played a vital role for me – it has ensured the safe delivery of my two children and has saved my life when I turned up at the hospital with an ectopic pregnancy.

However it is acupuncture and herbal medicine, coupled with sound nutrition and a mindful approach that I believe has fine-tuned my body, enabled it to recover after all those operations, reduced my stress levels and help me return my body, mind and spirit to their best selves. With these tools I managed to bring my fertility back up to par and gave my body the very best chance of conceiving in what was not the most ideal environment. And it is acupuncture and meditation that continues to keep me centered, strong and open to all that life throws at me.

I have learnt SO much through my own fertility experiences and am passionate about sharing all I can with both women and men who are on their own momentous journey.