The fresh and green season of spring is an expression of life at its strongest. I’m just back from a brisk spring walk and along the way spotted sapling branches growing with vigour, bending and adapting to their surroundings to try to maximise the light. I saw the strength and vigour of the fern shoots as they pushed their way straight-backed towards the sun. And I spotted the determination of a weedy dandelion as it managed to push through solid concrete in order to grow.

I find that spring is also a time of great hope and benevolence. I love that every year nature gives us a chance to have another go, to approach things afresh, to begin again. It is the season of rebirth and of youth as young animals are born, bulbs and buds appear and nature renews itself once more.

If we have taken nature’s advice and rested and regenerated during the winter season we will also feel a sense of being ready for new things.

Ready to approach a new project with enthusiasm, to let go of old thoughts, to give that cupboard a good spring clean (we’ve just completed a major spring clean of our basement and it feels embarrassingly satisfying to walk in to a clean organised space!).

This season should give us a clear vision, an ability to plant the seeds of plans and ideas that we can reap in the months to come. Our energy and enthusiasm for growth should feel almost infectious!

If we are out of balance in this season and in this element we can struggle to ‘see the wood for the trees’, we can feel a lack of hope and vision for our future and this can lead to feelings of anger and frustration. We can also feel inflexible (mentally and physically) and find changes to plans very challenging.

So enjoy these warmer days, the blessing of more light and the chance to ‘begin again’!